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First off, I apologize if it is insensitive of me to do a bunch of music posts on day in which we got troubling news about had70. I have a limited amount of time here before things get very busy and I wanted to fulfill as many of my music promises as I can before I have to go away for a bit. I hope had70 would approve. My thoughts are with him.

The B-side of the vinyl had some bad diagonal scratches on it. Mostly this just resulted in some unwanted pops that were easy to see and just as easy to remove. I had to remove a couple bars of a rather neat guitar solo too because the sound got so jumbled and confused. I think though, given this was the condition of the record, it turned out okay. Let me know if you find any skips. I may still be able to fix them. (By warrian)

References : Discogs / Mellow

It is album which changed from their sound style of the past.

Likes and dislikes may be divided, but thank for that I was able to come across this album.

In any case it is valuable albums!   Thanks warrian!!


References : Cool Night


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