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References : Hi-Fi Record Store / CANOE

  *  (ORG vinyl)

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References : Cool Night / Light Mellow on the web


References : Cool Night / Contemporary Hawaiian Music


References : disk union

All of these tracks have not been released on full-length albums, compilations or CDs. (All post shared and comment by warrian  Thanks!)


Alan Thicke “Thicke of the Night”** (David Foster, Jay Graydon & Alan Thicke) B/W “Grandma” (David Foster & Alan Thicke) 1984

** This was the theme song for a late night talk show Thicke hosted in Canada and while all of these tracks exceeded my expectations. This tune kind of blew me away.



Mel Carter “I Don’t Want to Get Over You”* (Rupert Holmes), “You Changed My Life Again” (David Foster, Jay Graydon & Marc Jordan), “Who’s Right, Who’s Wrong” (Kenny Loggins & Richard Page) 1980

* These are two singles with no designated       A-Side. “I Don’t Want to get Over You” was featured on both though. There was also no picture sleeve issued but I included a pic of Mel from the era.



Ted Neely “Paradise” (Ed Sanford & Johnny Townsend) B/W “Don’t Let It Mess Your Mind” (Neil Sedaka & Phil Cody) 1975


References :  *Blue Desert


References : Blue Desert / CD Universe


The original release is the only cassette tape.

References :  *


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  * (Updated @256)

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References : Cool Night / Hi-Fi Record Store

*  Tommy Snyder is an American drummer of Japanese pop rock band “Godiego“. Perhaps most people except the Japanese may not know him. And as for Japanese young people. I knew him in Godiego, but did not know that he after “Godiego” released such albums.

Sound style is similar both albums, but ’90 album is more variety, and ’92 album is more focused to the Westcoast/AOR. This period seems to have been based in Europe, living in France. France ver released also.

Incidentally, One of his drumming teacher is the father of the “Porcaro brothers” (Joe Porcaro).

His solo works is not famous also in Japan, but highly recommended!!

References : Tommy Snyder’s Music Wave / Snyder’s Market*


References : Tommy Snyder’s Music Wave



References : Cool Night /

  * (Only MU works/Track 4 is bonus)

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References : Cool NightLight Mellow on the web

  * (included 3 bonus tracks US ver)

This post also serves as the following update.

Suther*and Brothers – Down To Eart* 1977 (US ver.)

References : Brian Mathieson’s Home Page


References : Brian Mathieson’s Home PageDiscogs


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References : Hi-Fi Record Store / BALLROOM RECORD


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References : Cool Night / Waddy Wachtel

  *  (RS has become comfortable now.)

References : Dusty Groove America / Discogs


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References : MERURIDO

Related band work :


References : Cool Night


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Split position between track3 and track4 changed.

Both have been changed by this running time

For now, can not referenced the official running time….

Please let us know if you knew it!

References : Wikipedia / Everybodys Rockin


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References : Hi-Fi Record Store / WEST COAST MUSIC

   * (1st link) * (warrian’s link)

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References : Blue Desert


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