Yesterday, I asked the resent state of had70 after an interval of approximately one month.

I reported the safety of him and the family to all of you with this blog approximately  two month ago.

I sent an email to him one month after that time, but did not report it with this blog.

The reason is because it thought that his normal life is what he can regain by the lapse of time.

But, it seems to have been wrong a little….

The bad news about his missing acquaintance and business customers continues between this one month, and it seems to still continue.

That means that the result that did not become clear one month ago begins to become clear now.

Because he was able to come back to the home in the end of April, according to his answer of yesterday, his living environment seems to have become good than before.

But, I felt that his mental condition worsened than one month ago….

What should we do for him?